Gratitude to Some Magical Humans.

From where we began, to where we are now, creating Kindling has been an epic journey. We’d like to express our deepest gratitude to the team of volunteers, staff and creative beings who imagined, iterated, collaborated and hustled to bring Kindling to life. Remain humble; stay strong.
Home Page Image Credits:

“All Power to All People” by Hank Willis Thomas, 2017 (Photo by Marsha Reid)

© Hank Willis Thomas. Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. Photo by Marsha Reid.

“Radical Inclusion = Racial Inclusion” by Favianna Rodriguez

“Supporters of racial inclusion and racial justice walk through Center Camp”, 2019 (Photo by Susan C Becker)

“Tell Me Yours, I’ll Tell You Mine.” by Emma Shield, 2018 (Photo by

“Maya’s Mind” by Mischell Riley, 2017 (Photo by Luke Szczepanski)

Action Page Image Credits:


"Group Celebration", 2017 (Photo by Mark Mennie)



"The playa. Home at last", 2014 (Photo by Sam Matthews)



“El Pulpo Mechanico” by Duane Flatmo, 2015 (Photo by Robert Bruce Anderson)



“No Place Like Home” by Trey Watkins, Mara Greenberg, Alan Becker, Karen Cusolito, Andrew Howell, Meena Sandhu and Frogma, 2019 (Photo by Juan P. Zapata)



“Fire spinner at San Francisco Decompression”, 2019 (Photo by Morgaine Breimayer)

Video Credits:

“This is Freezer Burn”, 2015 (Video by Lisa ‘Kiki’ Ferguson)

“Element 11 2016: Jackalope Rodeo”, 2016 (Video by Croshane Hillyard and Kari Larson)

“Element 11 2016: Orpheum Recap - OFFICIAL”, 2017 (Video by Croshane Hillyard and Kari Larson)

“Burning Japan 2015”, 2015 (Video by Joe Moross and Alvin Cheung)

“Catharsis on the Mall 2019”, 2019 (Video by Shamal Deare)


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