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Engage with creators, speakers and storytellers.

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Join live events and build connections with explorers from across the multiverse through three kinds of live virtual experiences:

Kindling is an experiment created by Burning Man Project, a nonprofit that supports the global Burning Man community and produces the annual event in Black Rock City. We’re excited for you to dive in and curate your own journey. Explore your way through free, donation-optional or ticketed experiences.



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Featured Experiences.


Enter the Multiverse!

Presenting… The Universes of the Burning Man Multiverse

Dive in to discover the virtual Universes in the 2020 Burning Man Multiverse — each independently produced by members of the Burning Man community. Universe creators are seeking participants and collaborators. Find out how you can get involved!

Temple 2020: How to Make a Virtual Offering

Monday, August 10th - 12pm PDT

On Monday, August 10 at 12pm noon PDT, join us for a live online workshop to learn how YOU can create a personalized digital offering to place in the 2020 virtual Temple – the Ethereal Empyrean Experience.

Ethereal Empyrean Experience - emp_night
ArtSpeaks 3 Promo Image (3).jpg


Episode 3: Playa Magic and Serendipity!

Wednesday, August 12th at 12:00 noon PDT 

ArtSpeaks is Burning Man’s new artist storytelling series that explores never-before-told stories behind your favorite past and future BRC artworks, and shares what those artists are up to now – including sneak peeks into their studios, building processes, and inspirations. 

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Connect with likeminded explorers, share ideas, and kindle your own projects.

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Art on Fire Global Premiere

Two Showings

Saturday, August 15th - 6:00-8:15pm PDT 

Sunday, August 16th - 9:00-11:15am PDT

(run time is 2 hrs 15 min with Q&A)

Join us for the world premiere of Art On Fire. This 90-minute documentary follows the unpredictable journeys of artists who defy reason to bring their massive installations to the punishing Nevada desert.


The event will feature a dynamic Q&A session with the film's creators and some of the artists who brought their creations to life on playa.

BMAOF_Poster_Artists_square2 (1).jpg

Upcoming Events.

Lunatic's BRC Spooky Dreams Cafe
Thu, Aug 06
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 06, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM PDT
Virtual Live Experience
You are at a bar. The bartender, Lunatic, a Heebeegeebee from way back, invites you to come up to the bar and tell your dream slowly as if it were happening right now.
Daily Protection for Sensitive People: Grounding and Bounding your Energetic Field
Thu, Aug 13
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 13, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT
Virtual Live Experience
Learn to ground yourself into your own sacred grounding place in the Earth, fill yourself with Earth and Sky energy and create boundaries that will help keep you balanced in this crazy world. An easy technique to use daily to keep you from having what's out there impact what's inside your field.
The Happiness Technique
Sat, Aug 15
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 15, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT
Virtual Live Experience
The Happiness Technique is a series of talks that takes viewers to the heart of spiritual teachings making them accessible and applicable everyday. Learn how to let go of painful emotions, negative thoughts & limiting beliefs. A transformative way to achieve happiness & discover who you are.
Tarot Collage: Inspiration for Honoring and Memorializing
Sat, Aug 22
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 22, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM PDT
Virtual Live Experience
Create digital collages inspired by visual and emotional-spiritual themes from the tarot deck, to optionally post at the digital Temple on Facebook ("a group where we pretend to be at Burning Man Temple 2020")
Your Story in Sustainability: Virtual Get Together
Wed, Aug 26
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 26, 7:30 PM EDT
Virtual Live Experience
Find yourself a place in the whole for Your Story in Sustainability at this “get together” on Zoom. We’ll be converging on this meeting to form the storytelling network, talk shop on BRC public infrastructure and schedule recording sessions.
Daily Sleep Ritual
Thu, Aug 27
Virtual Live Experience
Aug 27, 10:00 PM GMT+1 – Sep 04, 10:00 PM GMT+1
Virtual Live Experience
Daily live sleep ritual by Julie (30 mins) - tune in for daily knowledge and sessions designed to help you drift off to sleep... Learn about sleep then immerse yourself into an experiential session with tips and techniques to sleep more soundly. And then... let your dreams come true... <3